My name is Robin Terry I am from New Zealand. Ten years ago I attended a conference on the Gold Coast of Australia. The main speaker at the conference was also from NZ, he stood at the front of the stage and presented with a white board and black felt pen using diagrams as explanations and answering questions for over an hour. At the time I did not understand what he was talking about however fast forward to now and I have a far clearer picture of what is happening today .

He spoke about the political turmoil embracing the democratic countries, worldwide the secrecy corruption and the abusive use of power. The challenges that lay ahead regarding the management of core, social, local and central government and assets he successfully addressed through the diagrams on the white board. He showed the transition of good governance and management of public utilities, the health system, education, defence, law and order and other assets and social services.

In our current day (2020) people throughout the world are even more aware that we are now dealing with a major problem .The problem becomes even more obvious when through our access to social media, and the stories being told are almost identifcal to those told over ten years ago.

”Houston we have a problem”… The question is, ‘How do we correct the problem?’.

First of all we have to identify the process that is being used by politicians and corporations in local, state and federal departments , then explore their use of the legal judicial system to control all levels of unlawful and illegal collection of fines and other unlawful monetary collections. Offshore registered corporations do not pay tax, an example of how the tax laws were written by business for business. However as baffling as it is, they STILL control huge amounts of public infrastructure plus oil, mineral deposits, onshore and offshore licenses. In the words of Warren Buffet “My secretary pays more tax than I do.”

The management of most government departments and utilities today have been out-sourced to private companies or corporations. A number of law courts are registered under corporate law and in a number of cases so is the taxation department. The police are the collection agents issuing parking tickets, speeding tickets, unlicensed vehicles, repossession of properties, jay walking, hiding your face from cameras in public places etc. In a lot of cases the police are no longer policemen or police woman but under the management of a registered corporation and are privatised security officers operating in the public domain with no legal or lawful authority. The taxation department is also guilty of unlawful and illegal collections and bankrupting citizens who have no alternative to their sometimes unscrupulous behaviour. If a taxation department is operating with a tax file number then they are a private collection agency and have no legal or lawful right to collect taxes from citizens. Local councils are also guilty of unlawful and illegal conduct foreclosing on properties for unpaid rates and trespassing on people’s properties unlawfully and illegally. Un-elected CEO's being paid substantial salaries with benefits out of citizens rates? Councils operating business's with tax file numbers in competition with their rate payers.


A solution I believe will be highly successful and remove barriers in the future is the creation and use of an APP that contains a political charter that can be easily read and understood written in all major languages. A political candidate could be presenting in an auditorium with 1200 people and they might be wondering what his policies are. He would have the option to say ‘Please take out your mobile phones and download this APP, which contains a political charter which is the basis of my political campaign’. Within 5 minutes everyone has access to the same information on their mobile phone as their candidate. The APP can be modified so that it shows the name and picture of candidates and their respective party.
Also within this app would be a social and legal app to assist people with immediate problems they face during their everyday lives.

The charter can be used as the basis for a political campaign either by a political party or by independent candidates. Everything has a starting point and a discussion needs to take place before any meaningful action can happen .The powerlessness that we as citizens are feeling, our loss of democratic freedoms being imposed on us by unseen forces “UNTIL NOW”.

“TRUST” is a fundamental factor and this seems to disappear once a political party or candidate takes their seat on the local council, parliament, congress or in the senate. I am not saying that the app is the total solution to the problems we face but any candidate who chooses to ignore the charter after an election may find himself or herself facing a very hostile electorate. Remember everyone has the same information on their mobile phone as their successful candidate “THERE IS NOWHERE TO HIDE”.

There are 113 countries in the World today whose governments are democratically elected and a template has been developed for all of these countries. The app will give a common thread to all who choose to download this new technology and read the information it contains .The app for each country will be in their language and will also come with audio. The legal and social app will be updated on a continuous basis as new information relevant to events unfold. To download an app containing any charter to your mobile phone you will incur a cost of $20, which gives you 12 months registration and updates are free. ”WE CAN DO THIS”.


The legal and lawful establishment of the Australian governments sovereign rights to exist will be pursued by people who have been elected using CHARTER-2020 as the basis for their political campaign. If enough elected representatives are able to form a government as the government of the day or as part of a coalition government, a binding referendum will be held within 12 months after the elections seeking a further mandate from the people for the government’s legal and lawful right to exist. Below are some of the policies that will be pursued in this written charter, this process needs to be followed if Australian citizens are to maintain constitutional control of their government.

The law courts will revert to the practice of Common Law only where all citizens are treated equally under the law and innocent until proven guilty. Admiralty Law and Sharia Law and the use of Legalese Language will not be permitted to be used in the courts.

Salaries for all government employees and politicians starts at 1, 2, 3,4,5,6 times the minimum wage.

Government service contracts that have been outsourced to private companies, corporations, trusts and foundations will become null and void. The management of all government departments’ services and utilities will revert to internal administration.

Individual members of parliament and political parties who are registered corporations will have their registration in the public arena become null and void and a bye election will be held. Also any government departments civil or legal who are operating with a registered tax file number or are registered as a corporation will cease this practice immediately.

5% with no tax deductibles. This tax applies to all citizens, private companies, public companies, corporations’ trusts, foundations and churches no one is exempt from this tax.

Education will be free to all citizens including university. Private schools do not qualify for public funding.

Universal health care for all citizens.

Minimum wage. All retirement payments currently being paid out of the public purse will revert to this payment. Any free travel internal or international or other tax funded payments will cease immediately.

Is the responsibility of the government who have an obligation to make sure all citizens have affordable housing.

10. FREEDOM of the PRESS
The right for the public to know is paramount to a healthy and democratic process.

All comments made on social media are the responsibility of the person making them .Any subject where the language used does not threaten life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness then the right to FREE SPEACH shall remain.

Foreign citizens cannot own rural or residential property those who do will have three months to sell otherwise those properties will go up for auction proceeds to be paid to the owner.

The use of GM in the food chain will not be permitted. eg. Wheat Grain Corn all Livestock.

All management contracts that have been granted to private companies and corporations will become null and void and revert to internal government administration. Water is not to be traded as a commodity on any exchange all contracts in place will be terminated and compensation will be paid.

The printing of money and government financial services that have been out sourced to private companies or corporations those contracts will become null and void and revert to a government managed RESERVE BANK. A ten year audit will be conducted on the accounts of the companies who have been responsible for this service.

The transmission of 5G will cease immediately and an investigation into the legal authorization of all contracts will take place. This technology and the radiation it generates 24/7 needs to be addressed regarding the effect it has on the general health and well being of all citizens.

17. CASH 
A cashless society is not an option. Electronic payments system ONLY would allow banks, politicians and big business the option to dictate the final outcome of any economic future. Merchants cannot refuse to be paid in cash.

18. TRACKER 18
TRACKER18 is a location button that has been added to the LEGAL APP , this can be used when stopped by the police. When activated people who are within a certain radius will receive an alert and can monitor using audio or video and then make a decision on whether they wish to attend as a witness to the proceedings taking place.

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A GoFundMe Campaign will be launched shortly to help fund this project.

If sufficient interest and funds are raised I will establish a project management office in Hamilton, New Zealand and with the help of knowledgeable persons and IT staff take this project to its final conclusion.

Regards, Robin Terry